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Ganesha & Triloka Herbal Incense Cones are handmade according to the ancient tradition of India according to traditional formulas. Herbs, resins and essential oils are blended in a base of pure sandalwood powder. Each cone is hand pressed and sun dried.
* Assorted Fragrances
* Vanilla Sandalwood  * Royal Sandalwood  * Marrakesh
* Dream Rose     * Amber Sun     * Lemongrass
Sandalwood - Gonesh Incense Cones -               Pack of 25 - 3.95 $
Triloka Incense cones
* 15 Cones Per Box
* Ceramic Burner Included
      Price :   $ 3.50
Incense Cones : -

This scent is offered here in a box of 12 cones, and comes with a metal plate for burning.

Wonderful fragrance from Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, the makers of world-famopus Sai Baba Nag Champa incense.

Super Hit is an enormously popular incense and we are now happy to be able to offer it in cone form. If you like Nag Champa, you will love this incense.

Retail Price:$2.95
Wholesale Price :       $1.75
Your Savings      :       $1.20
Availability  :In Stock

Each scent is offered here in a box of 12 cones. Sampler comes complete with 4" wooden burner, perfect for both stick and cone incense.

* Nag Champa     * Super Hit     * Fresh Rose    * Super Sandal
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