* Exotic flavours of hookahs  * Initiating new trend of flavoured hookah lounges in USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, North America, Africa and Asia.
First time in world !!!
Introducing Glass Hookah - 100% glass all over. Use of aluminum foils and rubber grommets completely eliminated. Developed by Univac Group India and being marketed by one of our leading OEM customer who is a leader in hookah tobacco.

Model : GH - 001
Stands 30cm tall being supplied presently in 6 colors, red, green, blue, purple, yellow and black but can be offered many more colors on demand.

We can print your company logo and brand name on these glass hookahs, enable you to market it with your own logo and brands.

Will be introducing other size in 8"(20cm), 18"(45cm), 26"(65cm) and 36"(90cm) shortly.
  GH 001 - 12"
Our new Hookah Models :-
Model : H 0018-40"(100cm)    H 678 - 40"(100cm)             H 0020 - 40"(100cm)