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Univac group India is the largest manufacturer and exporter of bird feeders, bird bath, bird nest, dog bowls and garden accessories. Our wild bird feeders are most popular in whole world. The prices of our bird feeders are the best and the quality of our bird feeders are great. We produce around million bird feeders every year inclusive of suet bird feeder, window bird feeder, tube bird feeder, decorative bird feeder, wild bird feeder, wire mesh bird feeder etc. Our dog bowls in stainless steel is the most economical dog bowl in world. We export our bird feeders, dog bowls and garden accessories to usa, europe, uk, canada, australia and south american countries.

A bird feeder is a device placed outdoors to supply seeds such as millet, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, or canola seed to birds. Hummingbird feeders, rather than dispensing seed, supply liquid nourishment to hummingbirds, in the form of a sweet mixture often coloured red to attract the birds. Oriole feeders also supply such artificial nectar, but are coloured orange instead, and designed to serve orioles which have a differently-shaped beak and tongue. Suet feeders are yet another type, typically a metal cage like construction, with a plastic coating to keep birds' eyes and feet from freezing to it, and containing a cake or thin block of suet to feed woodpeckers, flickers, and sometimes nuthatches. Some bird feeder types are platform feeders, table feeders & tray feeders, Suet bird feeders and Suet bird food recipes, ground bird feeder, Hummingbird feeders, Gazebo bird feeder, Hopper bird feeder, Chalet bird feeder, Bluebird feeder, Tube feeders, Window feeders, Suet Bird Feeder Plan, Suet Bird Feeders Quiz: Fattening Up the Wild Birds.

Our range includes following products at present :-

Tube feeders
Suet feeders
Gazebo feeders
Squirrel proof feeders
Special feeders
Bird baths
Bird houses
Pet's products
Quality Policy : - Involvement of our highly skilled manpower in development of innovative designs and continuous upgradation of existing products.