Corporate Display Engineers (CDE) is a pioneer in manufacturing wide range of cake stands made of glass, crystal, ctainless steel, brass, acrylics etc in India. Incepted in the year 1996 and established in 2001, is engaged in offering signature style exclusive  range of cake stands for fat Indian Weddings, Celebrity Birthday parties, Corporate parties, International Exhibitions, Show Rooms, 5-star Hotels, Embassies, Large Corporate Houses etc. Our custom built designs in today's high fashion world are more than just a cake stand, these speak far ahead than by playing a vital role in helping the high profile guests to formulate impression about the lavishness and its richness.
  CDE - 111 - Rs. 14500/- (233.95 $)
           Glass Cake stands
A high cost premium product: Made of fine glass with crystal finshing. Cut glass self designing. Signature style custom designings on glass are done on your very special occassions. An amazing sweet plate for  dining tables.
  CDE - 112 - Rs. 14500/- (233.95 $)
  CDE - 112 - Rs. 3250/- (53.95 $)
             made of ceramic
         CDE - 112
Rs. 3500/- (56.95 $)
made of stainless steel
Univac Tubecrafts Pvt. Ltd.
Works : F 10, Industrial Area, udyog Nagar, Rohtak Road, New Delhi - 110041,;   India; Telephone : +91-11-4571 8480;  
Mobile : +91-81304 71841;    +91-88268 11892;    Email -
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