Univac Tubecrafts Pvt. Ltd.
F 10, Industrial Area, Udyog Nagar, Rohtak Road, New Delhi - 110041, India.
Mobile :+91-81304 71841, 88268 11892;    TeleFax :+91-11-4571 8480; Email : univacgroup@gmail.com
Univac Group India is one of the leading  manufacturer of innovative, quality scented candles in the world. It manufactures various type of perfumed candles such as pillars, jars, cups, tealights, votives etc. in varying sizes, shape and colours. It offers a wide variety of decorative fragranced candles that are produced from premium quality raw material and combined with the art and science of candle formulation hence they burn cleanly and safely for long period.

Candles are no longer used only for lighting. They find a place in cultures, people's passion and decor in homes. Candles that waffle your heart, soothe your senses and bring glow to your surroundings, have something aesthetic about them. Know more about candles, welcome to the world of candles, the world of Univac...

Our Clients :-
We export to some of highly reputed, renowned large customers in USA, European Union, South Africa,

Manufacturing Facility : A well equipped, professionally managed fully air-conditioned unit with highly experienced production staff.
* The production capacity is around 25,000 Pcs. per day

All the Candles are Smokeless, Dripless long lasting- when properly lite and maintained as per the instructions provided with. Univac manufactures all types of candles as per your requirement & specifications. Some of our candles are Aroma Candles, Gell Candles, Floating Candles, T-light Candles, Container Candles, Votives, Spa Candles, Pillar Candles, Potpourri Candles, Mosaic Candles, Decoupauge Candles, etc.....
Our Candles quality & feature : -
* Extremely clean burning.
* Beautiful creamy white look and feel.
* Holds a high volume of fragrance.
* Works well with perfume fragrance.
* Ecologically Sound, Sustainable and Pesticide-free
* We use 100% lead-free wicks (though not pure cotton) and imported from Germany They are non-toxic and virtually give out no sooty flue.

* We use Fully Refined Paraffin wax in some types of candles .We also use a mixture of vegetable-based wax and paraffin wax for some another types candles . We plan to launch a soy wax range in the future