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This web page contains the largest ever collection online of smoking stuffs like Dugout, bats, Rolling machines, Rolling mats, Pollen grinders, space case pollinators and magnetic grinders. We are rightly adjudged the No.1 manufacturer of headshop accessories in world to have such a vast novelties. Dogouts are available in two sizes 3" and 4" and being supplied in assorted designs and styles..
       DG 12DG 13DG 14DG 15    DG 16DG 17
  DG 19DG 20DG 21DG 22    DG 23DG 24
      DG 26DG 27DG 30                 Plastic dugouts - available in 5 colors
        DG 33    DG 34     DG 35      DG 36                 DG 37
DG 18
DG 25
DG 11
        DG 38       DG 39     DG 40      DG 41                 DG 42
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