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India's largest manufacturer and exporter of bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, dog bowls, pet care products, handicrafts, smoking systems, candles,  incense etc.
Univac Tubecrafts Pvt. Ltd.
F-10, Udyog Nagar Industrial Area, Rohtak Road, New Delhi-110041, India
Tel : +91-11- 4554 0818;           Fax :+91-11-2525 7082,            Mobile - +91-99999 80438
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Our clients : USA, Canada, Latin American countries, Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Netherland, Finland, Switzerland, Eastern European countries, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Chile, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.
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Univac Group India
FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1.How to order the products ?
* Browse the product catagory you are interested in.
* Select the products of your choice from the website.
* Submit your order through inquiry form / email / fax or telephone.
Receiving your order, a Performa invoice will be sent within 48 hours.

2.What is the minimum quantity to be ordered ?
The minimum order value should not be less than 750 US $ / 550 euro.

3.Are prices given on the website include shipping charges ?
No. the prices are FOB (Ex works) New Delhi and does not include shipping / freight costs.

5.How will I determine the shipping cost ?
Shipping charges depends upon the following:
* Weight / volume of the shipment.
* Destination of the shipment.
* Mode of transportation i.e. Air cargo / Ocean or Courier / Express mode.
On receipt of the order we will determine the shipping volume / weight, than caluculate the actual
shipping cost and will be mailed to you the same.

6.What are the mode of the transportation available ?
You can select any of the follwoing:
*.Air Cargo - cargo facility of various airlines like Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Air France, British airways, 
  Austrian airlines, Turkish Airlines, Soudi Airlines etc .
( The import clearing agent's services can be hired at your nearest airport and local transportation  
  arrangements from airport to warehouse also to be arranged by you.)
*.Courier / Express - Door delivery service from UPS / FedEx / DHL / TNT are available.
  (The shipment is directly delivered at your address.You need not to have any import agent or local
  transport arrangements.)
*.Ocean Freight - various shipping / container lines available.
  (Better to have an import agent at your nearest seaport and local transportation arrangements from
  seaport to your warehouse)

7.What would be transit time for my shipment ?
*.Air Cargo -   7 days.
*.Courier / Express - 3 - 4 days through UPS / FedEx etc.
*.Ocean freight - Varies between 30 to 45 days Depending upon the destination.

8.What would be the lead time for my shipment ?
Depands upon the order size however we dispatch within 1-2 weeks if the order value is below 2500 euro, within 4 weeks upto 5000 euro order, within 6-8 weeks upto 10000 euro and 8-10 weeks for 15000 euro and above.

9.Do you ship freight pre paid shipment ?
Yes, we ship "Freight prepaid" at our end as well as "Freight collect" at your end shipments.If you pay freight of your order given along with your invoice we'll ship your shipment "Freight prepaid" and you need not to pay any shipping charges at your end except local duties / taxes .
If you have pre arrangements with any shipping agency then we'll ship your order as "Freight collect" using your account with that shipping agency.

10.Do you ship COD ?
Sorry, we do not have such arrangments.

11.What are the payment options available and what is your payment terms ?
You can pay for your order through following mode of payments:
* Wire transfer of money.
* International Money order.
* Banker's Cheque.
* Personal/Business Cheque.
* Letter of Credit ( LC ) only for large orders.
* Wesern Union Money Transfer / Money gram in the personal names.
12.Do you have any sample policy ?
Well, we welcome our new buyers to evaluate our service and product quality.You can order our sample kit of worth 500 euro and we will supply you almost all models. Sample kit will be dispatched within 2 working days after receiving the payment through DHL/FedEx / UPS or Express service.
Sorry, Our company policy do not allow free samples.

13.What are the currencies you accept ?
We prefer Euro and GB Pounds. We also accept US $ and other International currencies.

14.Is my shipment insured for damage ?
It depends upon insurance policy of the carrier.Generally UPS / FedEx etc.insured shipment for brekage/damage or loss.But they provide risk cover upto worth US$ 100.00 maximum.

15.Can I get my shipment fully insured for any major breakage / damage or loss ?
Yes,  we can arrange insaurance of your shipment by purchasing insurance policy of carrier / other agency on a nominal extra cost i.e. 1% of Invoice value. The cost of insurance depends upon the sum assured for particular shipment.

16.What should I do if I get damaged shipment or find brakege inside the boxes ?
Count parcels and inspect the shipment before signing the delivery receipt. If damage or shortage is apparent, please note it on the delivery receipt along with the signature of the delivery person verifying the same. Save the damaged carton for inspection purposes. Open all packages immediately and inspect the merchandise to see if it is in good condition. If concealed damage (damage to materials inside a package with no external damage evident) is exposed, notify us immediately through our feedback form email to you after every shipment. We must notify carriers within 7 days, or they may deny liability. Check merchandise against the packing slip. If an overage or shortage exists, or if there are any other problems with an order, notify us within 7 days after receipt of merchandise.

If you have any other query please do not hesitate to contact us.