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Univac Group India introduces first time in world !

Glass Hookah, an innovation, developed exclusively by univac Group India first time in world and are supplied to AlFakher Tobacco comapny..

Glass hookahs completely eliminate the use of rubber grommets and aluminum foils since joints are glass to glass air tight and there is a charcoal tray (charcoal holding bowl) at top which holds the burning coal / fire.

Glass hookahs are made from high grade borosilicate glass and are heat resistant.

Included with this hookah:
2 glass bowls
2 glass bowl screens

Available Sizes - 25cm, 33cm  &  60cm
Note  : Thermokol Box Packing with glass hookahs are supplied on an extra cost of 2 euro , 3 euro & 5 euro for 25cn, 33cm & 60cm glas hookahs. 
Univac Tubecrafts Pvt. Ltd.
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Fax :+91-11-4571 8480               Mobile - +91-81304 71841, 88268 11892,                  Email : univacgroup@gmail.com 
This is the smallest model in glass hookah we produce. This hookah is as good as the large size and is ultimate, gives equal amount of thick/dense smoke when puff.
GLH 241-60 cm(24")
Glass Hookah Large
Price - 29.95 Euro
  GLH 104        GLH 105GLH 106
   ............ 33 cm (13") ...........
           Price - 19.95  Euro
GLH 102-33 cm (13")
Price - 18.95  Euro
       GLH 103 - 33 cm
          19.95 Euro
Al-Fakher Glass Hookah Accessories - 1 set
  Price 6.95  Euro
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Introducing Glass Hookah by Univac Group India.