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You'd be surprised how good hemp is when it comes to t-shirts.

There are two basic types of hemp fabric when it comes to tees:

1. 'Mechanical' hemp - this used to be somewhat of an industry standard until a few years ago. It's the old process for literally pulling the fibers apart mechanical and spinning thread. It's usually blended with organic cotton (55/45%) for extra softness as pure 100% hemp is rather itchy.

2. Viscose Hemp uses the cellulose contained within plants and combines that with a chemical reaction using enzymes to produce a material that can then be weaved into fabric. It's also blended with fabrics like organic cotton, but instead of being itchy, it soft and smooth like bamboo or silk. It's also a lightweight material, so most tees tend to be in the 5-7oz category.

More and more manufacturers are turning to viscose hemp as their fabric of choice. Please notice that both fabrics are much more durable than any other fiber known to man, wick away moisture, repel microbes & UV rays and keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

T-Shirt Sizing -

  SizeWidth (inches)Length (inches)
  S19 3/426 3/4
  M21 1/427 1/2
  L 22 3/428 1/4
  XL24 1/229 1/8
  XXL26    30 1/4
Though cotton is a popular choice for comfort fabrics, hemp is better. It is strong and durable yet it softens with each wash making it more comfortable to wear. It looks like raw silk but is softer. Unlike cotton, its fibres don't break down and it retains its structure with age,” and added, “Hemp is also a cool fabric to use in our hot and humid climate. It breathes well, is non-irritating to skin and is moisture absorbent. Hemp comes in various colours like green, grey, brown, black and creamy white. They can also be dyed to obtain colourful fabrics.”
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Hemp or Cannabis’ t-shirt collection is our insurgent yet so casual t-shirts for both men and women made organically from 55% Hemp (Cannabis sativa) + 45% Organic Cotton. If you are interested in organic hemp clothing – women shirts are the subject for today. We are  featuring both hemp and hemp/cotton blend fabrics.  Please consider that these shirts are very durable and long wearing.  Hemp is a very resilient fibre which translates into less stretching and shrinking.  Shape retention of the garment and long hard service as well as great colour retention.  The colour retention ability of hemp is particularly fortunate when you consider how many times you will wear and wash the garment.

   Hemp is naturally 98% UV resistant while conventional fabrics are 92% UV resistant
   Hemp is innately hypo-allergenic
   Hemp has 8 times more tensile strength than organic cotton, hence increased durability of clothes
   Hemp requires 400 times less water to produce than cotton, thumbs up for environmental sustainability!
   Hemp is the best breathable and naturally insulating fabric, perfect for Indian climatic conditions

Some of the world’s leading designers work with hemp as a part of their collections: Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Versace & Armani. Also, Adidas, Puma & Vans have extensive hemp shoes collections. In fact, hemp is one of the world’s oldest fabrics: the word ‘Canvas’ comes from the word ‘Cannabis’ since the sails & cordage of all ships used to be made from Cannabis/Hemp fabric.

Why such an exact & high cost? The largest component of the cost is a Minimum Support Price (MSP) for our local artisans & communities who work with hemp, because the crop is grown in such little quantities the hemp textile industry does not operate at optimum economies of scale as yet. Hence, alas the price of the rare fabrics itself shoot up the price of the t-shirt. We levy a very basic exact margin % on our products and don’t even round off to make that extra buck, hence the exact price of Rs.1295/- (20.90 US $). Minimum order - 500 pieces.

Care for Hemp garments:

   First Wash Separately
   Cold Gentle Machine Wash
   Do Not Tumble Dry
   No Bleach
   Drip Dry in Shade