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Hookah Accessories
Carrying charcoal is always dangerous, but it is safer with a carrying bucket. There are 4 in this set and they add a traditional feel to your hookah setup. The small and medium also can be placed directly on the shisha instead of a metal screen or foil.
Carry this hookah tip with you everywhere and never worry about sharing the hookah again. Your own personal tip / keychain comes in gold or silver. These sturdy keychains are made in Egypt and come from the same materials as heavy duty Egyptian hookahs. Simply unscrew the tip from the rest of your keys and you're ready to smoke!
These stem adapters are designed to convert a one hose hookah into a two hose hookah by adding an additional hose spout. These adapters are threaded and designed to screw onto check valves. The small sized adapter primarily works for hookahs such as our 17" Premium Hookah. The large gold is made for larger Acrylics and will fit some Egyptian check valves.

This is a wind cover that is placed on top of the hookah head to prevent coals and ash from falling. A wind cover is a great accessory to have when out on the patio or anywhere outdoors.
These hookah trays will fit the standard modern style hookahs. They do NOT fit Egyptian, small modern, and most old Syrian model hookahs. A tray is also a great carrying device for you coals to your hookah.
Model - HWC 02
Model - HWC 03
Model - HSA 01
Model - HMP - KC 1
Model - HT 01
Model - HT 02
HG 01       02         03

Screen - for coal - Model - SS 01

Hookah grommets
HG 04           05           06
Model - HCT 01