Welcome to Univac group's Incense page, the home of exotic fragrances from all over India and beyond ! We believe natural fragrances possess the power to stimulate healing, remove distress and uplift the spirit. Sweet aromas create a sense of joy and enhance your environment. Choose from a variety of exotic fragrances like Surya's hand rolled incense from the Himalayas, Nag Champa's famous incense from Bangalore, Satya's mysterious Super hit incense and many other varieties of incense.   
Incense of India
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      The best flavors of  Nag Champa Incense
     The Gift pack of Satya - Set of 12 Variety Incense Sticks       Nag Champa Sunrise Sandalwood Midnight Patchouli Celestial Fortune Blessings Romance Super Hit Jasmine Blossom Rain Forest.  Each box contains 15 grams of incense (about 15 sticks)      - 7.95 $ / per dozen
Minimum order - 100 dozens
  The Gift pack of Satya - Set of 6 Variety Incense Sticks  - 6.95 $ / per dozen  
       The Set of 6 Nag Champa Sunrise Sandalwood Patchouli Celestial Super Hit 
                        Each box contains 15 grams of incense (about 15 sticks)
       special Nag champa flavor
            perfumed candles
  Incense match book
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