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F-10, Udyog Nagar Industrial Area, Rohtak Road, New Delhi-110041, India;Telefax : +91-11- 4571 8480;         
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Univac Group India, a 20 years old professionally managed company, have four factories located at New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Agra and it's corporate office at New Delhi, the capital of India.

Univac Agro Chem is India's one of the leading exporter of Indian Tea & Coffee sourcing directly from Indian farmers without the help of middle men to minimise the cost. A premium Tea Company, having presence in tea business since 2001. The group is a leading stride in tea exports and retail consumer all over the world.
   Tea Plant at Darjeeling
We exports CTC (crush-tear-curl) mainly to Egypt, Pakistan and the UK and the premium orthodox variety to Iraq, Iran and Russia.

Packing Sizes : 1 Kg., 500 gms., 250 gms., 100 gms., 70 gms., 35 gms. & 15 gms.

We are also exporting coffee beans & cashew nuts, dry fruits to 38 countries across the world. Our products have been able to gain the trust of the honored clients. The casher nuts and the coffee beans are packed without using any preservatives. The taste, aroma and quality are the features that encourage the customers to buy cashew nuts & coffee beans from us. Our customers place orders in bulk that talk about the quality of cashew nuts and coffee beans as well as our reliability.

Though India leads the world in tea drinking, still the best of them all, the premium and healthier varieties of teas, namely the ‘Organic’ and ‘Whole Leaf’ teas of various types (Black, Green, Oolong and White), have not been able to find a foothold in Indian society so far. It is only the traditional chai, that centuries-old all purpose drink, which is the preferred drink here.
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whole leaf tea specially for corporate gift packs
whole leaf tea specially for corporate gift packs

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Standard Packings : -
* 1 kilogram (Kg)
* 2 Kg
* 5 Kg
* 10 Kg
* 25 Kg
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