Our Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions: 100% Premium quality Human Hair, the unparalleled hair extensions, that has changed the worldwide definition of hair design, will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. Whether your application is for length, volume, color enhancement, or simply to update your current style, our virgin human hair will harmonize beautifully with your natural strands without ever displaying the visible telltale signs that are so common with other extensions.
Our 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair - Sourcing & Processing
Where Does all of the Human Hair Come from to Make Hair Extensions and Wigs?
Indian temples & Hair Farmers! Mainly in India.

Tonsuring - the act Tonsuring or the of shaving of ones head completely bald with a razor is practiced by 100's of thousands of Indian women each year as an offering to God and or an act of effacing the ego before marriage.

The act of Tonsuring is organised by and is practiced in the temple, the temple then sells the hair on to the highest bidding "Hair Farmer". This hair is popularly called "Temple Hair" and is generally of very high quality.

     Keratin Rebonds  - Weight: 0.005grams
          4.95 $ per pack / 10 gm each pack
  Adhesive Tap
Clip in Hair
"Hair is the crowning glory"  this old double-play of words emphasizes the significance of hair for men and women.

Hair extensions might seem like a new invention but in reality hair additions have been around as far back as the Egyptian times when both men and women work wigs Since then hair pieces have been in and out of fashion ever since.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and countless others regularly surprise the world with new and different hairstyles -- changing color, style and even the length of their hair -- over the course of just a couple days. How do they do it?

That's why hair extensions are so popular -- and not just in Hollywood ! Girls the world 'round just love to realize that it is possible to take your current look and give it a lift and have any style you desire... well, for a few months, anyhow.
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Sizes : 4" x 4", 5" x 5.5",13" x 2",13" x 4",13.5" x 4"    
              100% human hair, no mixture
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