Percolator Acrylic bongs / water pipes :-
Univac Group India introduces 'Perculator system' in Acrylic bongs, first time in the world. Encouraging by Perculators grand success in glass across the world, Univac Group, a pioneer in manufacturing of Acrylic water pipes, have made great efforts in developing the most efficient filtering system for harmless smoking in Acrylics too. Our Percolator Acryic bongs' are gaining popularity among the bong lovers over the world. We welcome suggestions / drawings / pictures / sketches regarding specification and design from all the waterpipe fans and expect them to write to us and cooperate with us in making of some excellent designs for tommorrow. "Together we can build master pipes of tommorrow"

Initially Percolator Acrylic Waterpipes have been introduced in 5 most popular models in 50cm height but we will be comming with many new designs and styles shortly. Please keep on visiting our website regularly for new models. Percolator acrylic bongs are the least harmless smoking pipes ever made, have better working than any other acrylic bongs as the smoke gets repeatedly filtered again and again passing through various chambers duly filled with water.
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Perculator is an attachment to your bong that works as a second chamber. It allows the smoke to be in contact with water for a longer period of time, making the hit cooler and smoother.

Diffusers :- These are Stems but instead of being hollow cylinders, they look similar to test tubes, with little holes on one end that break up the smoke into bubbles, allowing for even greater smoke-to-water contact.
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