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Pollen Press i Pill makers

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Pillmaker Pollen Presser

The Pillmaker Presser is the ultimate pollen pressing kit. A heavy duty piece of equipment, the Pillmaker compresses your pollen into a compact block.
Shipping Weight:750gm
Size: 10.0 cm x 3.2 cm

Heavy duty pollen press made from hard metal (STEEL).
Price - 10.95 US $

Pollen press PP 01 is used to press your pollen, forming a hard Kake that will smoke like pure heaven.

Collect your grinded pollen from the Pollenator or pollen box, remove one pin and put your pollen in the middle. Once in the press, place the removed pin back in the press and screw the lid closed. For best results, let sit overnight allowing pollen to ferment together and form a hard Kake. Remove from the press and enjoy!
Shipping weight:75g   Size:65mm x 26mm
marijuana pill / cake made by pollen press.
Plastic pollen press
PP 03   >>>>>>>
Extra strong engineering plastic with Nylon bats inside to crush your most valuable leaves
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  Price - 2.50 us $
  Price - 3.95 us $