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Univac Group India
Univac Group "A Registered Mmeber of Export Pomotion Council for Handicrafts, Ministry of Commerce, India"
Acrylic bongs  - 4.0 cm tube bongs / watwer pipes
       3808                3802                       3802 A                            3802 B                       3837         4.0 x 30 cm                       4.0 x 30 cm                    4.0 x 30cm                       4.0 x 30cm                4.0 x 30cm
     3830                         3829                         3831                           3843                                      3821
4.0 x 30 cm               4.0 x 30 cm               4.0 x 40 cm               4.0 x 30 cm                             4.0 x 30 cm             
Leaf bong
Using a water-pipe or bong is a very comfortable way to smoke. Basically it's a very simple device, but our efforts in the designing have made it look incredibly complex.

The smoke passes through water and get it "clean" the smoke from harmful toxins as much as possible before it reaches to your lungs.

All our bongs are designed to get stoned VERY fast, or just for the high entertainment-value.
38393813        3824
4.0x30cm   4.0x30cm    4.0x30cm