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Univac Group India, a 20 years old professionally managed company, have four factories located at New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Agra and it's corporate office at New Delhi, the capital of India.

Univac Agro Chem is India's one of the leading exporter of Indian Spices, sourcing directly from Indian farmers without the help of middle men to minimise the cost.
India is known over the world as The Home of Spices. The term spices applies to natural plant or vegetable products or mixtures in whole or ground form, which are used for imparting flavor, aroma and piquancy to the food items. Spices are also being used within the country for flavoring foods and in medicines, Pharmaceutical, perfumery, cosmetics and several other industries.

Spices are sweet smelling, sharp-tasting substances used for flavoring and are the main ingredients for any tasty food.
cardmom, ginger, cassia greater, galanga, chilly, kokam, clov, cinnamom, nut, meg, pepper,  leaf tea, coffee, tamarind, curry, cashew, turmeric, vanilla etc.

Note :
* Please send your enquiries / orders through email only.
* We supply minimum order quantity of 25 Kg of each seed.
* We accept payments eighter through bank to bank wire
  transfer or Western Union in personal name.

   Tea Plant at Darjeeling
Spices Variety
We offer a wide variety of Indian Cooking Spices in both whole and powder form and can be availed at industry leading price. Our range of spices is highly appreciated by our global clients due to its high aroma and freshness. We also offer spice powder & dehydrated products, which are manufactured by optimum quality raw materials.

We offer the following Indian spices - whole & seeds:

* Ajwan seeds
* Betelnuts
* Black pepper
* Cardamoms greens
* Cardamoms white
* Cellery seeds
* Charoli
* Chillies whole stemless
* Chilies whole with stem
* Corriander seeds (Indori)
* Coriander seeds (Kanpuri)
* Cummin seeds
* Dill seeds
* Fennel seeds
* Fenugreek seeds
* Ginger bleached
* Groundnut HPS kernels
* Groundnut with shell
* Mustard seeds
* Poppy seeds
* Sesame seeds black
* Sesame seeds white
* Sesame seeds hulled
* Spices mix masalas
* Turmeric finger
* Tamarind