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Univac Agro Chem is a well known company in the Indian, African & Latin American market for quality Sugar Processing Chemicals. We are providing competent solutions for the sugar industry, and these chemicals are free from any harmful ingredients as well as are safe to use. Our experts make sure to maintain hygienic procedures at our end so that high quality standard can be maintained in the products being delivered. Purity as well as excellent properties of our range of sugar processing chemicals makes it a true market leader.

Sugar process chemicals : -
Juice Clarification Aid
Syurp Clarification Aid
Mill Sanitation Chemicals
Sugar Boiler Chemicals
Viscosity Booster
Antifoamer / Defoamer
Evaporator Antiscalant & Descalant
Sugar Refining Compounds


Biocides / Mill Sanitation Agents
Flocculant / Settling Agents
Flotation Flocculants
Antiscalant / Scale Inhibitors
Viscosity Reducer / Panaid
Scale Softener / Caustic Accelerator
Descalant / Evaporator Cleaner
Descaling Systems for FFE
pH Booster for Cooling Water
Colour Reducing Agents
Algicide for Cooling Water
Membrane Chemicals

The Sugar chemicals array includes :-
* Acetic Acid  
* Ethyl Acetate
* Acetic Anhydride
* Acetone Formic Acid
* Hydrogen Peroxide Starch
* Oxalic Acid

Note : We supply sugar processing chemicals of world reknown companies only.
Bulk chemicals for sugar Distillery : -

1.Ammonium Bi Fluoride - ABF
2.Caustic Soda Flakes / LYE
3.Formaldehyde / Formalin
4.Hydro Chloric Acid (HCL)
5.Hydrogen Peroxide
6.Ammonia Solution (Or) Liquor Ammonia
7.Phosphoric Acid 85%
8.Sulphuric Acid 98 %
9.Soda Ash (Washing Soda)
10.      Sodium Hypo Chlorite 10- 12%
11.      Sodium Tri Poly phosphate (STPP)
12.      Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP)
13.      Morpholine
14.      Hydrazine Hydrate 80%
15.      Citric Acid- Monohydrate
16.      Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite- Food Grade
17.      Sulphamic Acid Descalent
18.      EDTA Di sodium Salt, Tetra & Pure
19.      Iso Propyle Alcohol (IPA)
20.      Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate
21.      Bleaching Powder
22.      Lead Sub Acetate