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Turnkey / knowhow  / consultancy for Steel Rolling Mills - TMT bars : (Thermo-Mechanically-Treated Re-Bars)
What is the Thermo Mechanical Treatement Process ?

This is a special heat-treatment process,wherein the heat treatment is from the rolling process itself. At the exit of the rolled product,the ribbed bar is subjected to the TMT process,which involves 3 stages.

Stage 1: Successive steps of rapid quenching in a special water system converting the surface layer of ribbed bar into hardened structure.

Stage 2: The tempering process involving the flow of heat from the core of the bar to the surface

Stage 3: Finally, the cooling the bars in atmospheric air on the cooling bed. This transforms the outer case of the bar into tempered martensitic state, while internally the bar will be a fine ferrite pearlite core. The TMT process eliminates all undesirable qualities of the normally treated bar.
TMT re-bars find wid applications in different spheres including coastal and marine environments which are susceptible to corrosion.

General purpose concrete reinforcement structures,Bridges,Flyovers,Dams,Thermal and Hydel Power plants,Industrial structures,High-rise buildings, Underground platforms in Metro Railways and Rapid Transport Systems.
           TMT bars : APPLICATIONS
Steel re-rolling is considered to be one of the most important segments of the steel industry. Steel Re rolling serve the purpose of complimentary production line in steel manufacturing facilities. Modern steel re - rolling mills are engineered to precision for increased productivity and low operational cost.  Basic raw material used for production are billets and other re rollables.
Univac Consulting Engineers (UCE) offers Solution Oriented Consulting for the Iron & Steel Industry - provides solutions right from land selection to commission of plants. We guide our clients what best suites for them.
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