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Herbal Vaporizers :-
VPJ - 100
VPA 103
VPA 104
VPA 101  VPA 102
Vaporizer works with heat air gun
Univac group supplys plug in device of  vaporizers either with 110V or 220V.
Please order vaporizers as per the electricity supply system available in your  country i.e. either 110V or 220V. We can also supply universal electric system with 110V/220V on request with an extra cost. 
Vaporizer model VPZ 06: The Heat air gun in this device is optional and not the part of the standard accessories. The customers will have choice to order the device with the heat air gun or without it if they can arrange it locally in their country. We supply the heat air gun with either 110V or 220V.
G 250 - magnetic
Price - 2.49 US $
Univac group India uses same heating elements for all their vaporizers (VPZ 01 to VPZ 03), gives you freedom to interchange the elements with each other. Also it's easy to maintain accessories for all our distributors, wholesalers and dealers spread all over the world .
     VPZ 04 - 3.95$
<<<<<<< VPZ 01
Available in 110V & 220V. VPZ 01 Vaporizer is in great demand and has been rated as the best  vaporizer. Fully automatic version is under development.
Retail Price - 14.95$

                  VPZ 09 >>>>>>
110 V / 220V
Automatic - 39.95$
Conventional - 14.95$.
VPZ - 09
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  Vapor Swing
12.95 $
11.95 $