AFH 240  AFH 300  AFH 360AFH 400
stands 60cm tall      75cm tall              90cm tall              100cm tall
   34.95 39.95 $ 44.95 $                36.95 $
These hookahs are made from solid copper alloys and supplied with duly gold platted and silver platted as it displayed.
     AFH 361
stands 36" tall
  35.95 $
Al-Fakher shisha models :-
Important Announcement :-
We feel proud to write here that we have developed, manufactured and supplied the above hookahs to alfakher tobacco manufacturing company, Jordan.

* We have innovated the glass hookahs which eliminates the use of rubber grommets, aluminum foil or any such accessories in 3 sizes i.e.8"(20cm), 12"(30cm) and 26"(65cm). We will be introducing the revolutioary glass hookahs to the market across the world together shortly with alfakher.
     LH 362
stands 30" tall
Oxidized stem
   39.95 $
     LH 363                LHR 364
stands 30" tall       stands 31" tall
Oxidized stem         Rotator -77cm
  39.95 $              49.95 $
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