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Massage & Yoga Tools

Massage Mat
Your complete at-home massage starts here with our stylish Massage Mat. It includes a foot bolster to release lower back stress, a face rest to ease pressure on head and neck, and a washable natural cotton cover. Pieces fold or roll for storage.

Add our generously cushioned Natural Cotton Floor Mat for even more cushioning. It's made from untreated cotton filling and lined with a cotton shell.

Yoga Mats :-
An Appeal
Yoga Mats, Yoga Bags & Mat Slings-
We offer wide range of yoga mats, yoga bags and yoga mat slings. The yoga bags are hand crafted and embroidered by master craftsmen of India. We are offering these at no profits, being it's our duty to promote this, since it earns livinghood for  poor craftsmen who are keeping hese crart alive besides lot of hardship.
YB - 1003 - EmbroideredYoga Bags
YM - 1002 -Embroidered Yoga Mats
YM - 1001 - Yoga Mats
YMS - 1004 - Yoga Mat sling
YMS - 1006 - Yoga Mat sling
YMB - 1005
Yoga Mat Bag
  YB - 1007
  Yoga Bag
YM - 1030 - Balls
  YM - 1000
Massage tools 
Massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to create emotional and physical well being. It is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy.
             YM 1008 - colors available
Product Features
Extra thick 1/4'' (6.2 mm)
Heavy duty, but lightweight at 3.6 pounds
Latex-free and free of heavy metals
Size : 74'' x 24'' x 1/4''
YM - 1009
2'' / 3'' / 4'' / 5'' Yoga foam blocks
YM 1013
yoga blankets
YM 1014
  yoga rugs
YM 1031 - yoga towels